Weekly Menu

You know what puts a hamper on planning a menu and eating what you plan? 


The flu. 


I am feeling alive again but it did make my meal plan a laughable notion.  This week I wanted to make a couple of new things that I have not made before, nor do I ever order them when I go out to eat.  The first recipe I am trying this week is Chicken Parmover orzo.  The recipe that I linked to is not the exact one that I am making, but I am unable to find it on Food Networks’ website.  It is an Ina Garten recipe and I tend to like everything of hers that I try.  I have never been a fan of chicken parm but I am thinking that this recipe test will prove to me once and for all whether I like it or not. 

Was anyone else baffled the first time they watched her show as to what her name was?  Just me?  Moving on. 

Last nite on my first attempt of eating, we had Turkey Burgers and salad. 

I absolutely love that recipe and would almost take these over a burger made of ground beef.  But I do love a good burger.  My husband and I were wondering what the typical condiment is on a turkey burger.  Do you use the same thing that you use on a hamburger?

I am also planning to try a chicken recipe that I have never made before but has been sitting in my “to make” file forever.  This balsamic chicken and mushroomssounds tasty.  I love chicken.  I love balsamic and I love mushrooms.  What could go wrong?  Right?    I am debating having it with roasted red potatoes rather than the fettuccine like pasta that is shown in the photo. 

Since I am at work right now and I can’t remember what else is on the menu this week, I will fill you in on some other cooking attempts I have completed this week.  My husband has been eating bagels every morning for the past two months.  Seriously, Sara Lee is about to get on my nerves so I tried to make bagels but realized about five minutes into recipe searching that I needed to have a starter from the say before in order to make a good bagel.  I decided to take the best rated recipe without a starter that I could find and use it.  Mehhhhh.  Not the best idea.  I don’t think that adding frozen blueberries during a rising stage was my best idea. So I pose a question, do you have to use dried blueberries when making blueberry bagels?

I also make a batch of marshmallow fondant for on top of some cookies that I am making for a baby shower on Friday.  Very cool to make and yet ridiculously messy and easy.  I hope it ends up tasting okay! 

There were also cream cheese mints and peanut butter cups, but there are photos and recipes to come for both of those!  I am also making hummus and crab dip so let’s hope my plan of attack works out and I am able to get everything done in time.  That includes the cupcakes!  AGH!