TWD: Not quite 15 Minute Magic Chocolate Amaretti Torte



Today’s recipe from the TWD group was for a 15 minute “Magic” Chocolate Amaretti Torte.  I believe torte is a fancy way of saying brownie like.  I believe that the magic must have been the Amaretti cookies that everyone had such a hard time of finding.  Myself?  Did not find them and since one person admitted to using Nilla Wafers, I can admit to using some European Almond Cookie that I found in the European portion of my grocery store.  A step up from Nilla Wafers, but I am sure they weren’t the Amaretti cookies that some people paid $7 for. 


Dorie uses a food processor to make this recipe, which is an awesome idea.  If you have a big food processor.  I have a mini food processor that I love for quick chopping vegetables and for making bread crumbs.  But for this recipe?  It was too small.  I did use it to chop up my cookies and slivered almonds and then seperately to combine the eggs, sugar and butter.  It ended up leaking out the top of my little machine and I decided that a bowl and spatula would work just perfect for the final mixing.  Mine ended up taking longer to bake than Dorie suggested but I believe that is because I put the baking dish on an airbake pan rather than just a regular cookie sheet.  The torte I ended up with was also much flatter than others that I have seen too.  hmmm.  Did I screw something up?

Overall, the recipe was fairly simple and it was an interesting idea to use an almond flavored cookie and ground almonds as your flour.  But to me this recipe has the look of something rather fancy while not really being anything more than a mildly almond flavored brownie.  Perhaps if I had used the $7 cookies to make the recipe it would have had a stronger almond flavor but somehow the mix of chocolate and almond doesn’t seem all that appealing to me.  The ground nuts added an interesting texture to the recipe.  Think about when you eat nuts of any sort and after you are finished how there is always just a bit in your teeth, not so much stuck in between teeth but mashed into the grooves on the top of your teeth.  Wow.  I just made that sound fantastic didn’t I?

You can find the recipe here.


TWD: Coconut Butter Thins

I’m already a TWD failure.  It seems that the battery charger for my camera has disappeared.  It seems that the battery in my camera is dead.  It seems that someone didn’t charge the backup battery that is in the case either.  Shit. 

So, no photo unless I go home and magically find the charger that I have been looking for for four days.  My husband is going to be so pleased! 

On to the cookies.  The recipe for Coconut Butter Thins this week was chosen by Jayne of The Barefoot Kitchen Witch. I have to admit that I would have probably glazed past this recipe just because it seems like a light summer cookie and my husband claims to not like coconut.  I did have to buy the Macadamia nuts and since they were almost $4 a bag I need to find something else to make with them as the recipe only uses 1/2 cup. 

The method of chilling these cookies was a little interesting as Dorie suggests placing the cookie dough in a gallon plastic baggie and rolling to 1/4 inch thick.  I am anti plastic baggie so I used parchment paper and a ruler to get my 1/4 thick.  The trick was then that I didn’t have the nice square that Dorie wanted, so I used a fluted edged round cookie cutter to make my cookies.  On the TWD blog, there was lots of discussion about the cookies spreading a lot.  I actually had a variety of spreading in the batch I made, some seemed to melt all over the place and others seemed to maintain their rounded shape.  I did try to keep the dough as chilled as possible as I know that seems to affect the spreading of other cookies. 

I absolutely loved the batter of these cookies.  The recipe calls for coriander and since it was just a pinch that was to be added and didn’t have any on hand, I scrapped it.  I had also run out of vanilla the day before I made these so I decided to up the citrus and nut factor by adding lemon and almond extract for the vanilla extract.  I was nervous dumping it in there but it really didn’t affect the flavor.  If anything, I think it probably boosted the flavor. 

I gave one to my husband to taste after cooking and cooling but did not tell him what was in it because of his aversion to coconut.  Turns out he didn’t even realize that there was coconut in it.  Shocker.  He told me he liked the cookie but later after I had tasted it and commented that it seemed a little greasy he told me he had thought the same thing.  He drives me insane.  I do think that there was a little much butter in the recipe.  The cookies had a fantastic citrus flavor but actually left a grease mark on a napkin I sat it on.  Never a good sign!  I think that if you could reduce the butter a bit, the cookies would be fantastic.  This recipe would be a good one for a spring girls get together or even on a platter for Easter.  If you were serving them and wanted to pretty them up a little, you could easily use some lime juice, confectioners sugar and some green food coloring to drizzle over top. 

Overall, I am glad that I tried this recipe.  I only baked one dozen and have at least that many more in my freezer for another occasion, so these will make another appearance in the future.  Be prepared for the next couple of weeks as the recipes chosen are doozies.  We have Banana Creme Pie, 15 Minute Magic: Chocolate Amaretti Torte, Four Star Chocolate Bread Pudding, Chocolate Cream Tart. 

A little chocolate anyone?


I’ll update with a photo if I am able to find the battery charger!