Whip It Up: Hand Pie Edition

I can’t help myself.  Hand pies.  Doesn’t that sound pervy.  Just me?  I can’t help it.  I have the humor of a 12 year old boy apparently. 

For this week’s recipe I made a tasty little pie that can be held in your hands.  Crap, I totally can’t be mature about this.  Someone please come up with a better name for this dessert.  My husband recently decided that he liked to pack these in his lunch.  Apparently he has the tastebuds of a 12 year old boy to match my humor.  Good thing we married each other. 

No offense to the Cutie Pie makers out there, but your prepackaged apple thing you like to call a real fruit pie is blasphemy to those of us that dream of opening a bakery.  At least they came up with a better name for it. 

I found the recipe on a food blog that I seem to love, Annie’s Eats.  If you love to cook, go ahead and read her.  I have printed out several of her recipes and plan to try tons of them.  They are all in my binder. 

If you are a pie lover as my husband and I are, make these.  They will not disappoint.  At all.  I made them twice in three days, once with the recommened strawberries and once with my husband’s coveted black raspberries.  For someone who makes regular pies, this is not much different.  I found the dough a bit more tricky to work with than my regular pie crust, but that may be due to my need for perfectionism than the dough itself. 

The recipe starts simple enough with your basic ingredients.  The recipe states that you should use a mixer to blend the flour and butter mixture.  I found that this was only a great way to throw things around my kitchen and I do that well enough on my own. (Exhibit below) Using a pastry butter or even your hands to break up the butter was a better solution for me. 
Next you add the buttermilk.  I never have buttermilk on hand and usually just make it by using regular milk and a splash of apple cider vinegar.  Way better than buying even a pint of buttermilk and only using a small amount. 
After mixing the dough together, let it cool in the fridge for at least an hour. 
The recipe suggests cutting the dough into 12 wedges and shaping from there.  I attempted this method and found that the dough warmed very quickly and by the time I got it shaped the way I prefered, it was getting very sticky to work with.  The second batch I made I cut the dough into twelve equal peices and then shaped them into circles prior to placing in the fridge.  This method was better, but due to the perfection that I would have liked to obtained in regards to a perfect circle, the next time I make these I will roll the entire batch of dough out and trace a bowl of the appropriate size to make a perfect circle shape. 
My next peice of advice is to not make the berry mixture early.  It will then effectivly leak out of the pies.  All over.  No fun.  Mix the berries or fruit of choice immediately before placing into the dough. 
I found that I could not get enough of the strawberries into the pie as I like for a filling to dough ratio, but if you cut the peices smaller, I would imagine that it would work better.  The shape of the black raspberries allowed a better dough to filling ratio. 
I should also tell you that I am not a neat baker. 
Neither my apron or my counters are safe.  If you look closely, you can see the powdered sugar escaped to the stove and to the bottom of the cabinet near the floor.  Oops. 
But they were darn tasty. 
Next time I will try them with some of the 10lbs of blueberries I have in the freezer.  This dough has such a good sweet flavor that I may try it as a regular pie crust at some point. 
This recipe would be a good one for someone who only has two people in their family or even someone living on their own that loves pie but doesn’t want to eat an entire pie at once.  Freezing a portion of the 12 you make would be a great way to keep these.  Taking one in your lunch is much eaiser than taking a peice of pie. 
But don’t worry, in my family of two, 24 kept us for two weeks. We gave some away.  GEESH.