My first Tuesday with Dorie


I mentioned a while ago that I had gotten a great deal on Dorie Greenspan’s newest book and that I was trying a few of her recipes. I was inspired to even buy the book and learn more about who Dorie was after seeing many of the food bloggers I read link to the Tuesdays with Dorie  group.  Week after week they would post these tasty looking treats.  I debated joining the group, hemmed and hawed about it long enough that the group was closed to new members.  Then something happy happy happy happened.  Last week they opened the group to new members. 

I greatly fear failure, which perhaps seems to not match with joining a baking group in which you post your results each week.  At the same time I like trying new things so I pushed myself into joining and begin posting my 2-4 recipes a month.  I want to try new things and have any excuse to bake.  But I worry that I will not be able to keep up and then feel such guilt that I won’t maintain my member status.  So I worry.  If you know me though, I worry about pretty much everything so this is nothing new. 

On to my cooking adventure for this week.  Dorie’s Blueberry Crumb Cake.  In the easiest sense it is a coffee cake.  I am never a huge fan of coffee cake which doesn’t mean that I won’t eat it, it just means that I am not apt to grab it on the breakfast buffet.  One of the things that I like most about Dorie’s recipes is that she offers adaptations and variations to many of her recipes.  I always want to try something a little different to make my recipe stand out from the rest and I loved the option of adding orange zest instead of lemon zest.  The orange zest really gave the blueberry cake a bright little pop of flavor but I think I should have measured the quantity a little better instead of guestimating, which I tend to do a lot! 

My only issue with the cake was the topping.  Mine had a pool of butter in the center while baking even though the edges were browning and finished.  Even I, who eats pretty much anything under the sun with flour, sugar and butter, don’t like a dry cake, so I pull it out of the oven with the pool of butter.  There were suggestions of chilling the topping mixture before placing on top of the cake but I have decided that I would just lessen the amount of butter in the topping if I were to make it again. 


I also felt that the topping was a bit more crunchy than the typical crumb topping. I envision crumb topping to be crumbs not a firm layer of sweetness.  The recipe was quite tasty and if you are looking for a good standby blueberry crumb cake recipe, this is one to try.  The recipe can be found at Zihan’s website, as she chose the recipe for the week.