What’s been going on

Thank goodness.  In a few weeks we are heading out of town. It is just a trip to visit our family in Alabama but holy wow, we need to get away. The last time we went away was a long time ago, as in December of 2010. That would be two years and two months.

My sister in law had a baby in November of last year and we have yet to meet this new member of our family. I am excited to see this baby girl but at the same time I am nervous. NERVOUS. Reason #1 – Flying with 18 month old. Reason #2 – sleeping with a 18 month old at an odd location. Reason #3 – my in laws. HA!  Number three is my constant, isn’t it?  I just get nervous, like barfy nervous. Oh well, a good prepper for when we spend multiple days with my MIL in May. JOY! HAPPINESS! THRILLS!

In other news we are semi looking for another home. Our current house is 1800 sq ft with a partially finished basement. Our challenge stems from my working from home and because we both want more than the 1/3 acre yard that we have now. I am so ready to not see our neighbor when we sit on our deck and eat dinner but at the same time I don’t want to be 45 minutes from everything. It seems like the houses/property and our budget aren’t lining up. No fair.

Plus, we are looking for a four bedroom with basement that is either finished or it is possible to finish. Property, basement, updated.  Not asking for much, right?! Can someone explain why we are increasing the amount of mortgage by almost double but we can’t find a house that fits our needs?

Anyone else looking for a new house?  Want to buy ours?


2 thoughts on “What’s been going on

  1. My hubs and I JUST had a discussion about this over the weekend. The conclusion is that we’re basically stuck in our current house for awhile longer. We’re okay with our house, but we don’t love our neighborhood. But we’re not sure if we want to move states (which would require a job change for me) or just move school districts here.

    • We waited for B to have a full time / full pay job until we even considered looking. But now that we have the thought in our head we can’t stop looking.

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