Weekly Menu

Every weekend I head to the grocery store, typically on Saturday morning.  I like to go around 8:00 am so that I am not crowded and can wander the aisles with my list.  My list is planned with care, each section and aisle is known well enough that I write out the grocery list with the aisle in mind.  I save the deli and produce section for last and start at the back, in the reverse of most people, at the sodas and dairy case. 

Before I head to the store, I prepare my list based upon household necessities like toilet paper and laundry detergent and then based upon the menu for the week.  I like to have five meal ideas for the week, as I know that one nite will inevitably lead to something quick like spaghetti or burritos and .  quesadillas

I have found that making a meal list and writing it on the dry erase board in our kitchen makes it much easier to come home at nite and eat something home cooked.  It also makes it easier to not waste ingredients you have on hand.  If I know there is chicken in the freezer, I try to come up with a meal using chicken.  It is also helpful to make the menu ahead in case you have guests coming over, that way you know to pick up any special ingredients you may not typically have on hand. 

My husband and I also plan our lunches for the week and having all neccesary items such as sandwich bread and fruit make it much less tempting to pay for a meal out. 

This week I have planned the following meals:

Homemade pizza – Crust recipe found here  , I’m trying a new one.  I use basic low moisture, part skim mozzarella and always grate my own since it melts better, I think.  I will use turkey pepperoni by Hormel and my favorite sauce of all time.  It is only sold regionally but you can buy it online.  I buy it at my hometown grocery store, usually six at a time, when I am visiting family.  I also like to saute some crushed or diced garlic and sliced mushrooms in olive oil to throw on top my half of the pizza. 

Beefy vegetable soup with grilled cheese– I have to admit I don’t like vegetable soup.  This my first attempt at making it and I am open to any and all advice.  My husband loves it with a creamy grilled cheese, so I am obliging him and attempting to make some. 

Roast, mashed potatoes and corn – The roast will be prepared in the crock pot to allow it to become as tender as possible. 

Chili and sweet cornbread – I attempted about ten recipes for chili until I came up with one that I like. I’ll share the recipe later this week.  I love cornbread but only sweet cornbread.  I never realized how easy it is to make until my non-baking sister scoffed at me for using a mix.  I use a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens. 

I like to try one or two new recipes a week and typically those are baking recipes, but I am going out on a limb this week and trying a new main dish meal.  I was watching our local public broadcasting station and they had a macaroni and cheese recipe that looked divine.  Most likely this will be served with a grilled chicken breast and salad since the macaroni and cheese is enough to give you a heart attack!

I only have one dessert planned for this week and it is a black raspberry pie from the stock of black raspberries in our freezer.  Mmmm.  Vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream will top it!.


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