The Stolen Edition: Whip It Up

Every week on Friday nite (a sign I am old, old, old) or Saturday morning, Brooks and I sit down and plan out our meals for the week. There is usually grumbling on his part and website searching and cookbook browsing for me. I actually love this planning. I love picking out a new recipe or seeing an old favorite in my cookbook and picking it.

Have I ever showed you my favorite cookbook? It is the ugliest thing ever. But I love it anyway. It was a gift from my step MIL in 2005 and it has been used non-stop since then. You could do something similar with a giant three ring binder and some page dividers and labels.

I put my recipes in plastic sleeves to keep them safe from my sloppies. As you can tell, I don’t always keep them safe. I also write notes on them to remind myself of the opinions that I received on them and any alterations that I would make the next time. I also keep extra sleeves for any recipes that I find and print out.

After the menu is planned for the week, I pull out the recipes I need or bookmark them online so that I can find them easily throughout the week. Last week I was looking at the Food Network site and found a recipe that I could adapt to some of the meats we had in the freezer and needed to use. I kept thinking that I had heard of the recipe somewhere, but assumed I had watched the show that it came from or that I had wanted to make it in the past. As I was making the recipe later in the week, I realized that it was not from a show that I remembered it, but from our lovely Whip It Up challenge. Sweet Jennie had made this, WITH HER OWN SAUCE.

She is awesome. I am not. I did not make my own sauce. And I basically printed the recipe out to see how long I should bake it for since I did not follow the instructions very well at all. That being said, I did not use the bechamel sauce. As Jennie mentioned it just seemed like unnecessary fat. I started with two hot Italian sausages and two mild Italian sausages, removed the casings and sauteed with peppers, onions and garlic. This took the place of the prosciutto in the original recipe.

Then I drained the fat, because EWWWW. That was nasssty.

I used about half of a 15 oz container of ricotta because this family is not a ricotta family. In place of some of the ricotta, I added lots of parmesan and mozzarella. Cheese. Mmmm.

It was a bit time consuming to fill the rolls and roll them, but they really looked pretty once wrapped up and put in the pan.

The rolls smelled glorious while baking and was so so pretty when I served it. Too bad the that my husband and his two friends woofed it down so quick that I didn’t get a picture when it was plated. But at least I got a few while they were still in the pan.

My review

I think these were so pretty presentation wise, had a great flavor but is definitely more work than your regular lasagna. I really can’t tell you how the actual recipe tastes since I modified it so much. But the guys at my house woofed it down so so quick, telling me that it must have been tasty with my changes.

If you want a Sunday nite recipe that you can either freeze or have a lot of leftovers, this recipe is perfect for that. There were at least five or six servings in the recipe and I had three 20 something guys eating. Served with a simple salad and some homemade foccacia bread, it was divine.


5 thoughts on “The Stolen Edition: Whip It Up

  1. Remember that time you told me you were going to come to my house and be my personal chef? I’m still waiting!

  2. That looks super delicious! I do the same thing with my recipes – I have a 3-ring binder with sheet protectors. Best idea, ever! I’m a messy, messy cook!

  3. Hello, I am all about the recipe binder. Clear plastic sleeves 4-EVA.

    Have you ever made your own pasta sauce? I find it to be pretty straight forward and very gratifying.

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