Bread Machine: Useless wedding gift or not?

When registering for wedding presents, everyone told us that we had to register for this item or should never register for other items, we would never use them. Being someone that loves to cook and be in the kitchen, I should have registered for every kitchen gadget out there, I would have used it.
Instead, we registered for the basics. I am so glad to say that the only thing we registered for that does not see frequent use is the large, think 2 foot by 2.5 foot, wooden cutting board. While our kitchen is not small, to keep out a cutting board of that size would be slightly crazy. We stick to using our smaller plastic cutting boards and break out the big boy when we need to carve a turkey.
One gift we did not register for was a bread machine. My sister recieved one at her wedding and used it only rarely. My mother has one that sees the light of day ummmm never. My MIL uses her’s about once a month.  Shortly after our wedding, I was at a huge benefit yard sale that raises over $30,000 for mission groups. There was a brand new bread machine in the box with the stickers still on the front and manual inside. The price? $5
I snatched it up, shoved it under my arm and ran. Like the wind. I decided that if I ended up not using it, it would be a wasted $5, not a wasted $40. I was at first a weeny to try my own breads and used boxed mixes. They were okay, but nothing great like my mom’s and my MIL homemade bread.
Last week I decided to make some sweet yeasty rolls from the bread maker. I was not sure that they would be really good since I am use to good rolls coming from the labor of your hands. But I am now a believer. I scoured Allrecipes, one of my go to recipe spots. I found a simple recipe that I hoped would not dissappoint.


It did not.

If you have a breadmachine, I highly recommend trying this simple roll recipe. It is the perfect roll for a Sunday dinner and makes enough to have for a while. That is unless your dog eats 8 of them. Good thing he left the plastic wrap. Damn dog. I don’t kid. Kate, I believe we just discussed all that dogs eat?! Add three day old rolls to the list.
The recipe could be altered in several ways, adding more sugar or honey to sweeten the dough, adding garlic, oregano and basil topped with some parm for an Italian meal

4 thoughts on “Bread Machine: Useless wedding gift or not?

  1. I love my bread maker but forget I have it (no room to store on the counter in plain sight). Thanks for reminding me I can have homemade bread without doing any work for it! 🙂 And yes, mine was a wedding gift!

  2. I do not have a bread machine but I would love one my bestie does and she always bringing me the most awesome breads…
    can I say I just licked my screen?
    nice blog I love your layout ad colors…found you on allmediocre glad I did

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