Whip It Up: Spicy Meatball Edition

For this week’s Whip It Up recipe, I chose one of my husband’s favorite subs or hoagies or whatever you call them in your part of the world. Is the term “hoagie” a regional thing?

As usual, I perused Allrecipes for a meatball recipe. This recipe was not specific that this was a meatball meant for subs, the recommended eating it with spaghetti. I never really realized there was a difference, but the texture of these would fall apart if they were tossed into spaghetti sauce. Also some of the ingredients made this a more appropriate flavor for meatball subs than for on top of your favorite pasta. So unless you are omitting the spicy ingredients or cooking this seperately from the sauce, I would serve these as a meatball sub.

While mixing up the recipe, it had the smell of meatloaf. And while meatloaf can be tasty with some mashed potatoes in winter, it was not the taste I wanted for my sub. Thankfully, it tasted nothing like meatloaf after cooking.

The ingredients were simple ones and I stuck to the recipe except for the red pepper flakes. For some unknown reason, I don’t have any ay my house, so I used 1/2 tsp of crushed red pepper instead. I think this was a good substitute and added a nice spicy kick to the meatball. The next time I make these (and I will make them again) I will add some green pepper to the recipe. It already has garlic and onions, why not add some green pepper for good measure!

The recipe calls for pan frying, but I rarely if ever pan fry anything and felt that using my oven’s grill pan would work just as well. I baked them at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes to ensure their doneness. Hi, not a fan of raw hamburger here. Using a grill pan is also a great way to have any excess fat from the meat drip out of what goes into your mouth. Our burger is fresh from a local farm and fairly lean (97/3) so there is not much fat in the pan but frying it in butter seemed just wrong to me. I would imagine that using lean turkey would work just as well as ground beef.

I made about 18 golf ball sized meatballs out of the recipe and that served five people, four of them 20 something guys. If this was just for a two people, you could get about three meals out of it. I would probably freeze after cooking. Other recipes very smartly recommend using a very crusty roll or toasting your bun lightly before eating in order to avoid having your bread soak up all the sauce. I did use a premade sauce and next time I think I will attempt making my own sauce. Topping it off with fresh mozzarella was delicious.

My husband and his friends really liked the semi spicy flavor of the meatballs. Please note that I photoshopped a shirt onto my husband, it is either a shirt or a bib, you decide. Like that? I am so talented.

If you see the size of his hoagie, you can imagine why I say that this would serve several people.

Overall, the recipe was fairly simple, quick and a nice freeze in advance kind of meal. I will definately make it again.


4 thoughts on “Whip It Up: Spicy Meatball Edition

  1. That sounds so yummy! I also didn’t notice the photoshopped shirt, until you mentioned it 🙂
    PS- This layout is awesome

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