Whip it up: Pizza Pie Edition

Perhaps I should not call it a pie since it was not at all in a pie shape. Can I call it Pizza Square edition? I can and I shall.


Mmm. Pizza. How can you not love it? Well apparently I can not love love love it. But I decided that it was time to try again to make homemade pizza. The last time I attempted it was at least three years ago. It came out like a giant biscuit and I deemed pizza never worthy to make at home again. Apparently until this week.
I will tell you that I also made zucchini bread this week for the first time but there will be no review since the husband chose to delete the photos of “that zucchini you shredded up”. Butthole. It was kind of meh anyway, I thought. The Deleter thought it was good. Plus baking is something I do all the time and the purpose of Whip It Up is to try new things. For me, new dinners are much more challenging to try than baked goods. Perhaps why I chose pizza dough which is basically a bread.


I decided to try a recipe on Food Network. I tend to prefer Allrecipes for no good reason. I decided on a dough recipe from Tyler Florence, a chef whom I have never particularly loved or hated. It received 5 stars and had only a few dissenters. The recipe required basic ingredients that I had on hand and didn’t even have to buy anything, perfect! I decided to add some Italian seasonings and garlic powder to the dough for good measure.
The dough was fairly simple to mix up. First requirement is to have your yeast “bloom” as I like to call it. If you are not watching it, you will probably miss when this happens. My only word of advice is not too hot water and not too cold water. Just run hot water from the tap and your yeast should bloom just fine.
After using my hand mixer with the dough attachments, I set it in the oven, covered with plastic wrap, to warm. It started as a large softball size.
After about 1.5 hours, it was almost as big as the bowl. At this point, you are to shape it into three pizza crusts. I decided to break the rules and make one gigantic crust. Looking back, I would have made two crusts, so that my husband’s ingredients and my ingredients would have had their own locations.
My giant crust was then left to rise for just a few more moments. I did not use a pizza stone because hello, don’t have one. I also didn’t dust the bottom with cornmeal because I am crazeee like that. Really, I just don’t like it on the crust. I used a metal airbake pan, which I have grown to love in a special, special way. I would use an airbake pan for everything if I could. Go buy a few if you don’t own any. You will not be sorry.
I threw the bad baby in the oven and set on the floor in front of it to watch. Because hello, 500 degrees? To me, that sounds like pizza on fire. But NO! That darn Tyler was right! Crazy.
On his side we have turkey pepperoni and some mushrooms. On mine we have half garlic and half mushrooms. If you have never had garlic on a pizza and you are a garlic lover, DO IT. Do it NOW. Tasty. I thank the chain The Mellow Mushroom for introducing me to this delicacy.
As for the pizza? It was good. Homemade, but good. I have never decided exactly what it is that I want my homemade pizza to taste like. I believe Tyler was a little wacked out when he said one entire tablespoon of salt. Next time I would at least cut that in half if not 1/4 it.
The crust was not thick, but not thin. There was a definitive edge because I created one. I feel all pizza needs an edge, thin or thick. I do think you could roll it thin enough or thick enough to meet your preference. We ate two, almost three meals out of this one basic dough recipe.
Next time I will decrease the salt, make two pizzas and perhaps freeze one, add more garlic and Italian seasonings. And perhaps if I am feeling all nutso I will make my own sauce. Apparently I will be making this again since I said “next time”
If you are afraid of yeast products, this is a really simple recipe.
Now, I think I want some pizza.

4 thoughts on “Whip it up: Pizza Pie Edition

  1. I agree: cornmeal should never be allowed on pizza – it’s messy and gives crust a weird texture and taste. I will most certainly try garlic next time I make pizza – mmm…garlic…

  2. We love making pizza, but on a pizza stone. My husband will find this garlic suggestion to be very interesting, indeed.

  3. Wow! Perhaps one day I’ll be brave enough to hazard a homemade crust. I usually just use the premade kind at Trader Joe’s.

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