Can you see it?

I keep thinking about my bakery. You know, that cute little shop in downtown My Current Location. The one that will have a semi whimsical font and logo out front. Watch your step for that cute little standup chalkboard with today’s specials. And feel free to get your goodies and sit outside on the patio.

In my thoughts I wonder if my dream interior is too feminine? But really, do men shop for treats and baked goods? Would they care if the goods were tasty enough?

After the bell rings from you opening the door, you see things washed in creamy white. Old fashioned hutches and bakers racks scattered along the walls are full of brightly colored 50’s era plates, dishes and cookie jars. Creamy colored cafe style tables with small chairs for cozy conversations. A fireplace in the corner for winter. Welcome to “My Name Bakery (probably my last name but sorry, can’t let you crazies out there find me and kill me)” written in Fuschia pink on a giant sign hanging on the wall behind the register. Lime green and chocolate brown writing on the menu. Sepia toned photos on the shelves of the hutches. Today you might get a sunny yellow dessert plate with bright ocean blue mug. Your friend, something equally bright and cheery.

Cookie tins, old fashioned flour and sugar storage containers and clocks are scattered throughout the room. A big front counter that includes a small sample display of today’s special treats, go ahead taste one. Right next to a glass fronted display case so that your mouth can water over today’s goods. Chalkboards throughout to tell you that Friday we will be supporting local artists by having them perform from 8-10 and that fresh honey wheat bread is here this week.

The bathroom will have a pedestal sink to wash your hands in. You’ll see me in the back with flour marks on my pants. I’ll walk up to the register because I know you. You are a regular. You love the snickerdoodles here.


10 thoughts on “Can you see it?

  1. Woh, mine looks exactly like that! Except the name change and location, of course, and replace “snickerdoodles” with “brownies.” πŸ™‚

  2. Yup, I can see it!

    And oddly enough, it’s always been a dream of mine to own a bakery, too – at this point, I’m hoping to “retire” early and start one up; in combo with my husband, it might be a greenhouse-and-bakery… πŸ™‚

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