Natural, smatural

My husband and I plan out our dinners for the week and try to make our shopping trip as thorough as possible so that we don’t have to make multiple trips. Also, we are freaks. Or me, perhaps I am nuts.

For example, this week our menu consisted of lasagna (great lunch leftovers), crockpot chicken, in which the left over chicken went to burritos the next day, pork bbq sandwiches and since I was traveling this week that was all the planned meals. We usually plan about 5 meals and just wing it on other nites because inevitably, we are going to do chicken on the grill, spaghetti or something simple like that a few nites.

I eat oatmeal with flaxseed and dried fruit about every morning for breakfast. Lunch is typically a sandwich, either some form of lunchmeat (oh, the preservatives) or peanut butter. Throw in some fruit and yogurt and lunch is done.

When I think about trying to be better for the environment, it also makes me think about trying to be better for my own little body. I am still on a search for a good shampoo and conditioner that isn’t ridiculously priced, but lately I have been upping my search for better foods or more foods I can eat that are homemade and natural.

This week I decided to make my own bread. Um, hi. I was nervous about making my own bread, so perhaps I shouldn’t have made it when we were having guests. Two years ago I got a bread maker for a great great deal and have used it a few times since then. I have only used the box kits. They were fine, but I just wanted to try my own recipe. Well, not really my own recipe, I stole it. And I changed it. I used all white flour, bc this girl doesn’t have wheat flour. I also substituted ground flax and flax seed for some of the flour. I (the bread machine) mixed it up. It rose. It baked. It smelled fabulous. But I was nervous. My standard for homemade bread was my grandma. My grandma who was 70 when I was born. My grandma who lived through the Great Depression. My grandma who made everything from scratch except fig newtons. My grandma’s bread was so good I would eat the dough raw. Don’t judge. I still do. Hush up.

My bread was kind of flat, which I think means I need some more flour since it seemed uber sticky when I put it in the pan to bake. But shitfire, it was tasty. And had a whole grain nutty taste to it from the flax. My husband, who thinks everything processed is better, even liked it. Next time I will probably try to add some whole wheat flour and perhaps some oatmeal. I guess I could also make it a sweet bread by adding sugars and vanilla in there somewhere.

Now, I think I am going to try make my own bread occasionally. It took about five minutes to dump it in the bread machine and put it in the pan to rise and bake. If I can just figure out how to make it 35 calories per slice like the bread I buy.



7 thoughts on “Natural, smatural

  1. have you heard of this craze about no-knead bread? google that and bittman — it sounds really cool tho I haven’t tried it myself…

  2. You’ve inspired me to try a little flax next time I bake bread. I’m glad it worked pretty well for you!

  3. mmm…homemade bread. I love making bread (in the machine of course) and love eating the “birdseed” bread (as the man calls it) but have yet to figure out how to combine the two. If you have any tips, share away!

  4. I made French bread rolls one time from scratch, not using a bread machine or anything and they came out FANTASTIC. I must’ve eaten 10 of those things plain when they came out of the oven. Never used a bread machine and never tried to make them healthy though! You get an A for effort though, definitely.

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