Table for ten, please.

Since I got some balls and asked work friends to be outside of work friends and come to my house, (how’s that for a long and painful sentence?) now I need to plan a menu.

The theme is game nite, so think Taboo, Balderdash, and that damn game I can never remember the name of. The guests are arriving between 4 and 4:30. I like having open arrival times because then I am not all OCD thinking no one is coming when people don’t show up at exactly 4:00.

The first portion is games. Then comes dinner. As of right now it is 8 people and one wee little one.

During games I feel that snacking is neccesary. I am thinking vegetables and my favorite Fiesta Ranch dip ever. Mmmmm. Mix it with lite sour cream and eat off your fingers, you know, or a carrot.

Since I feel that vegetables do not make a party, I need something else. Crackers and cheese? Bleh. My fantabulous cold spinach artichoke garlic dip with garlic pitas? Or is that too much like the veggies and dip. Or do I go with something more manly that has a meat aspect to it?

Now after games, we have dinner. This meal has to be something I can manage to cook for 8-10 people. I think it has to be pretty nuetral (like no crazy Mexican or Asian spicy dishes). And what about sides? Salad? Bread, with dipping oil? I love to cook but don’t want to be spending an hour in the kitchen while everyone is there. So preparing ahead of time with perhaps a quick warmup is what I am looking for.

Then we have dessert. My favorite! I am thinking either brownie cheesecake with strawberry or raspberry puree, brownies with peanut butter chips and glaze, or chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing. I could always go lighter and do an angel foodcake with strawberry (or other fruit) puree and whipped cream, but what is the fun in that?

If you were coming to a shindig at my house, what would you want to shove in your face?


3 thoughts on “Table for ten, please.

  1. Veggies with dip and dessert? I’d be happy with that!

    And seriously – you’re going all out! If I were hosting a somewhat large party, I’d probably make it all finger foods to save my sanity. Veggies & dip, chips & guac or salsa, store bought mini quiches and a dessert.

  2. Me, too… no need for a friggin sit down, sister! I’m with mrstwink. That artichoke spinach dip or whatever you said is a HELL YES. Chips and guac or salsa? Yes. People don’t care. They’ll eat it. I’ll eat anything as long as I don’t have to make it. 🙂 If you do want to make a bigger dish thingy, that’d be fine, too, but don’t worry about bread/dipping sauce, unless you want a more sit-down type of party. But a game night? Keep it simple, sweetie! How about a pot of chili with some shredded cheese and sour cream as sides, then the dips, etc. and dessert? HAVE FUN! Wish I could crash it!

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