Food food food.

At my office we have a birthday ritual. The person whose birthday was last makes for the next birthday. So this week I had to make for a sweet girl in my office. She loves peanut butter and chocolate so typically I would make my realiable chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing. But I decided to try something new this time. Plus since we were having the little party in the morning I decided to make muffins for those that don’t like chocolate and peanut butter for breakfast. Whatever, those people are wack. I totally just used the word wack in a sentence. It was great to break it out for this occasion.

So first, we have the brownies. Now please note 2 things. This picture is awful and the glaze isn’t on there yet. They were still hot when I took the picture.

They were awesome. As they should be with 2.5 sticks of butter in them. They were really fudgey and I recommend baking them the entire time they say. It also makes a huge batch in a cake pan, not the normal 9×9. But this was my first experience making brownies from scratch and I think it was quite quite easy. The recipe is Hershey’s and fairly easy. Plus, the batter was tasty.

Second we have the lemon poppy seed muffins. Straight up from a box. I believe it was Duncin Hines. But tasty all the way. And pretty.

Then we have last nite. Me in the kitchen. I totally wear an apron when I bake because I am a slob. Big time.

The husband had his PhD candidacy exam this morning and wanted to kiss ass in the form of muffins. So I made these. I liked the recipe but the muffins came out huge, so be prepared.

I don’t feel that blueberry or banana nut muffins are complete without some type of topping, so these have a brown sugar, cinnamon and butter topping on them. You can also make an easy brown sugar cinnamon butter spread for on them if you want. Just let the butter sit to room temp and then mix in brown sugar, cinnamon and honey if you like. Tasty.


3 thoughts on “Food food food.

  1. ooooooooooooh i love muffins, and who doesn’t appreciate chocolate and peanut butter any TIME OF THE DAY? Silly. YUMMY. Now I want a muffin…

  2. I’m thinking maybe I would like muffins even more if I put toppings on them. Thanks for the brilliant idea. 🙂

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