I love to cook. And I love my husband. really, I do.

Today at lunch I was uber productive. Usually I consider myself uber productive at lunch when I run to the store and pick up a few things or when I score a great new outfit in a mad dash lunch event. Today I was super uber productive. I decided to come home and prepare tonite’s dinner. Tonite we have a friend over for a birthday dinner. He and the husband are out doing man things and should be back around 7:30. The dinner he requested was stuffed peppers. Our awesome neighbors gave us peppers a few weeks back and we froze some for such events as tonite.

Stuffed peppers recipe:

1 lb lean burger (turkey or beef)
1/3 ish cup rice
2/3 ish cup of shredded cheese (I like Mexican or Fiesta blend for this recipe)
2 tsp Taco seasoning
1 can Mexicorn (I usually don’t use it all)
3 or 4 peppers

1 can of tomato soup (use the big can if you like a lot of sauce and use a little can if not)
Either one can of Rotel tomato stuff or 1 cup of salsa.

Mix the first five ingredients and put into peppers.

Mix the soup and rotel or salsa and pour in bottom of crockpot. Place in stuffed peppers. Top with a little extra cheese if you please. I always say yes to extra cheese!

Cook in crockpot for 3-4 hours on high or 7-8 on low. Mmmm.

So, task one: Come home on lunch break and make stuffed peppers. Talk to husband on my way back to work only to have him ask “Did you make the pie?” WTF you dirty bastard, wait I mean. No sweetie, it takes an hour just to bake it, let alone peel the apples and make the crust. You bleeping son of a …

Task two: Come home right after work and check on peppers in crock pot. Yes, I know I am 90 and use a crock pot. It is even adorned with a lovely vine of ivy and purple flowers. Gorgeous darling. Gorgeous. I digress. Task two is the pie. I make a damn good pie. I use cortland apples. About 6 of them and sliced nice and thin. I make my own crust, rolled out pretty thin because mmm mmm. I like it that way. Uh huh, Uh huh. Brush water and a little sugar over the top right before baking. I use the better homes and gardens recipe for apple pie and it is darn tasty. Oh, I forgot to mention that husband called during pie making to ask “watcha doing?” Sitting here twiddling my thumbs shithead. “can you check the weather for me?” Seriously, he asked me to check the weather. I may or may not have said in a snarky tone that I had pie crust all over my hands and I couldn’t do it right then so I would call him back. And I did. Just because I am nice like that. It is raining and I believe it will continue to rain.

Task three: Because you can’t eat stuffed peppers all by themselves I decided that we needed cheddar onion biscuits. (I can’t spell that word on my own to save my life.) I break out the Taste of home cookbook and modified the swiss onion biscuits to have cheddar in them instead of swiss. The raw dough was tasty so I am thinking that when it is cooked, it is going to be yummy. I’ll tell you after I get the damn pie out of the oven.

Task four: Make a gallon of sweet tea. Come on give me a break, I lived in the south for 7 years! Got to have sweet tea!

Would love to post pictures of all my domesticity (is this even a freaking word?) but some damn husband took the camera with him.


3 thoughts on “I love to cook. And I love my husband. really, I do.

  1. PLEASE tell me he came home on time!
    Sounds like a wonderful meal..I used to like stuffed peppers but I can’t eat them anymore…they don’t like me 😦

  2. I love stuffed peppers I may have to try your recipe I have never made them before I’m a bit scared of things that seem this complicated.

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