While I’m gone you should make me these.

Do you ever bake? Seriously, you should.

These cookies are the easiest thing ever.

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg

( I usually double the recipe because I am fat like that)

Blend, Blend, Blend. Ah, blend some more. The texture is nicer if you use a mixer. But you can eat the batter all the same.

Roll dough into inch sized balls. Plop on baking sheet (use parchment paper if you have, it makes for easier clean up)

Bake 350 degrees for 10 ish minutes. I like about 8-9 because I like them extra ooey.

Pull them out and put a hershey kiss in the center. I like to use the peanut butter filled ones because it is awesome to eat just a little more peanut butter.

Eat them hot, eat them cooled. Most importantly. Eat them.


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